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Synchronising Emails

The main feature of the WESS is the ability to synchronise emails from any Exchange server.

NOTE:  The WESS can only sychronise emails that are stored in your Primary Inbox and Sent folders. Any emails that are moved into a sub-folder will not be synchronised.

You can select the emails that you would like to synchronise with Workbooks, in Outlook, by categorising them as Workbooks.


After categorising your email, it will be marked in Outlook accordingly.

Outlook mark

The email will then appear in Workbooks (after the next synchronisation has been completed).

WESS Email Sync

NOTE:  The WESS sync cycle runs once every 30 minutes. This means that emails will not instantly synchronise with Workbooks. The email could take up to 30 minutes to appear in Workbooks, depending on the progress of the sync cycle in your database.

Automatically sync all emails into Workbooks

In Outlook, create a new rule:

Creating new rule

Select the condition of what emails you would like this rule to apply:

Selecting the position

Then tell Outlook what to do with the emails:

Assigning the category within rules

Finally define the category to give them:

Defining the category

All subsequent emails that you receive will be synced with Workbooks.

Creating a button to sync emails

Users of the Workbooks Outlook Connector (WOC) will be familiar with the Outlook Connector Ribbon, which appears when preparing a new email, and instructs Outlook which emails should be shared with Workbooks.

With the WESS, similar functionality can be achieved using the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor, which will allow you to Categorise your email as described below.

From within Outlook, hold down ALT and press F11, this will bring up the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor, as shown below

MIcrosoft visual basic

Click Insert and select Module.  You will then need to copy/paste the following code into the dialog box that appears:


Public Sub CategoriesButton()

  Dim Item As Outlook.MailItem

  Set Item = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem


End Sub


After entering this,  Save, and close Visual Basic.

Save and close

Now right-click on the ribbon bar at the top of a new message and select 'customise this Ribbon option'.

Ribbon bar

In the following menu, you will need to add a group to the existing home tab, and call it Categories.

Adding a group

After this, simply add the button created through the Visual Basic Editor into the group by selecting macros from the dropdown menu, selecting the script with the title 'CategoriesButton', and adding it to the group.

Adding a button

Click OK and save it, and your new email window will now look like this:

Finished window

The button will allow you to quickly categorise your emails as Workbooks to tell Outlook that you want it to be synced.  You can change the name of the button to make it more aesthetically pleasing by changing the name in Visual Basic Editor.

The 30 minute sync

The WESS synchronisation process runs every 30 minutes, you can see when the next synchronisation cycle should occur within your Preferences screen (Start > Preferences > Integration > Exchange Sync) and adding 30 minutes onto the most recent Sync.

This means that items will not appear in Workbooks or Outlook immediately and can take up to 30 minutes to be updated.

Next sync

The 30-minute Sync can be overridden by clicking on the "Sync Now" button at the top of the Preferences Pane, as shown below:

Sync now

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